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This board has been helpful to me as I've gotten closer to my procedure, so I thought I'd document my experiences. Maybe somebody else will appreciate it as much as I appreciate others that have done the same.

I'm 28 and have been wearing glasses since I was 16. My prescription is approx. -3.00 diopters in both eyes. It seems that every few years my prescription changes ever so slightly, but as it hasn't changed more than .75 diopters in the last 5 years I feel good about going ahead with the procedure. I wore contacts for several years in college but my eyes got more and more sensative to them so I finally stopped wearing them except when boating, wakeboarding, scuba diving, etc. I DO have have somewhat dry eyes which is why I stopped wearing the contacts. My eyes generally only bother me first thing in the morning or if I've worn contacts all day long (which is very rare).

I'm having CustomVue lasik with intralase. I'll be going in for an appointment on 2-6 to have my eyes dilated, scanned, and I think to get started on eyedrops (steroid, antibiotic?).

My initial visit with the doctor's office was very helpful. We discussed my dry eyes, any protential problems with wakeboarding/scuba in the future, etc. The assistant measured my corneal thickness and did a preliminary scan of my eyes using a customvue machine. I had previously visited a different doctor's office and had a very different experience. I was in a busy waiting room for a time before having my "consultation" in a hallway. I was literally told "make sure you sign up for your procedure on your way out". Needless to say, I was less than thrilled about the prospect of using that surgeon... they also didn't offer intralase.

Oh, and the cost... the original doctor charged approx. $4700 for both eyes, again, no intralase and much angst. The doctor I chose charges approx $5000. I bit on the pricey side. I considered travelling to a larger city where the cost would be less, but after factoring in travel expenses for the day of the procedure, follow up visits, and the peace of mind of having my doctor nearby I decided it was worth a little bit extra.

This is getting long, but ONE MORE thing... I'm planning on using a Health Spending Account to pay for the procedure. I currently have $1500 in the account ($1000 provided by my employer) and will receive about another $700 each year I'm still employed by them. My plan is to pay myself back from employer contributions as long as I can. My understanding is that I can reimburse myself from the account at any future date. ie there is no requirement to make the payment in the same year that the procedure is performed.

I'll update when I know more!

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