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How long after eyes being dilated can you drive?
I drove right after my appointment.... but with sunglasses because it was really sunny outside. I don't know how anyone would get home from an eye appointment if they couldn't drive themselves... did someone say you needed to wait?
I received info. from the drs. office suggesting I have someone drive me home after the initial visit since my eyes would be dilated for the exam. I don't recall ever having had a problem driving within 20 or 30 min. after dilation, but wondered if dilation for pre-exam for Lasik surgery is different from dilation for regular eye exam. Is there a difference in the dilation solutions used?
I had no trouble driving with my eyes dilated. Just wear the shades they give you.
for the lasik pre-exam, the eyes are dilated way more then for a "regular" exam, and they said one needed a driver for the appointment as you aren't able to drive after the exam. I wouldn't have been able to drive after. My eyes were still somewhat dilated the next morning still. I could see fine by then, but the pupils still weren't back to normal. They have to dilate them more to get a good reading for your pupil size.
I drove right away. It was dusk and overcast. My vision was funny though (foggy/hazy), so I wouldn't necessarily recommend it if you can bring someone along to drive you. My eyes were just fine a few hours later.


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