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I had Intralase Lasik surgery about four weeks ago now. My vision pre surgery was -5. I had custom in my left eye, and conventional Lasik in my right (per surgeons recommendation). The eye I had Custom done is perfect, no complaints. My right eye wants to be 20/20 but I still have some slight fuzziness, and the halo and glare is more pronounced in that eye. I have to tell you - I was very worried right after the surgery because the halo and glare was so bad I thought I had made a mistake. The first two weeks, I followed all the drs orders to a tee - putting in all the prescribed eye drops on schedule, and tried to rest my eyes as much as possible. I do work at a computer so that was hard! The first two weeks, I would wake up like clockwork at 3am because my eyes were so dry it hurt, and I had to keep the drops right next to the bed so I could get some relief and go back to sleep. The last two weeks, I have slept consistently thru the night and have only had to use wetting drops about 2x a day. My right eye (conventional Lasik) still has halos and glare but it is less pronounced. I am very glad I had the surgery done and would do it over. I agree with the pp though to do your research, and get as many consultations done as you need to in order to find the right doctor and go with you makes your feel the most comfortable. Also don't expect your eyes to be 100% the very next day. Sure I could see 20/20 but I would not describe my vision as "perfect" the next day or even a week later, because of the halos and glare, and the dry eyes. I am happy that it is constantly improving though.


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