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I was a -9 in both eyes with astigmatism. During one of my exams prior to the surgery, I was told that my eyes were extremely dry & that it may cause complications. Well, after surgery, I never experienced dry eyes.I am still using restasis drops twice a day so I guess they are doing their job. I always had halos at night while driving & I still do but nowhere near as bad. My eyes are still healing & they are still improving. I had it done in October. Immediately after surgery I was 20/40 in one & 20/30 in the other. Now I'm 20/30 in one & 20/20 in the other with a bit of astigmatism in both. I have glasses to make things just a little bit clearer & crisper. Now that my eyes have changed again, I'm getting new glasses. Luckily for me everythign is included for up to one year, any appointments, glasses, meds, etc. that I could possibly need. I was told that after 6 months & before the one year mark, I could possibly have a touch-up surgery. Not sure if it will be needed since my eyes are still improving & not sure if it will even be possible. The worse your vision is, the more cornea that is taken during the procedure. My dr said after the 6 month check up, we'll establish where I'm at as far as vision & cornea goes & then we can discuss if I'll get a touch up surgery. I'm seriously considering not even going for a touch-up surgery becasue the first one went so well. I don't want to take any unneccessary risks if thigns are good enough now. I was blind as a bat before & now I CAN SEE!!! Who could ask for more?!?!

My advice to you is to do a TON of research & go to as many consultations as you can to get a feel for what doctors you have to choose from. Go with a doctor & staff that you feel comfortable with. Go with someone who has an impeccable reputation & with a high success rate. Go in with an understanding that there are NO GUARANTEES. Go in with the understanding that it may not work & there may be complications. My dr told me that he could only promise that I would not be quite as dependant on glasses or contacts any more. He didn't promise me 20/20 & he didn't promise me to have a perfect experience. I followed his instuctions. I used all the drops. I rested my eyes (whenever possible - which is hard to do with my job & hobbies.) I went into this with a very open mind & with no expectations. I am still wearing glasses every now & then. I only need to wear them when I feel the need. Sometimes my vision is a little fuzzier than other times. Not so fuzzy that I can't function, just enough that I will feel teh need to wear my glasses. Usually it's at night when it's a little darker & when my eyes are a little tired. I HATE IT when people say "well if you had Lasik how come you still wear glasses???" ugh!!! I just want to slap people when they say that!!!! Oh & to answer your other question, yes I'd do it all over again. I wish I had done it sooner. I'm 37 years old. I started wearing glasses when I was 9 years old. I have been so blind for most of my life. I couldn't even see my own child when she was born becasue I wasn't allowed to wear glasses or contacts in the OR. I think of all the times in my life when my vision has been a hinderance. Oh, if I could take back time . . . . I'm so glad I did it. Better late than never!!!

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