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[QUOTE=dennismv;3514440]if you are getting a LASIK procedure and you MOVE your eye while you are getting 'zapped' and the laser is a 4th generation laser that tracks eye movement,

can you STILL experience a negative LASIK artifact, like double vision ?

More info:
During procedure I moved my left eye several times to try to stare at the red dot. My eye kept moving away and I kept moving it back to the dot. For the right eye after it moved away from red dot, I just left it in the off-dot place. For whatever reason it was easier for me to keep my eye steady without moving when I was off the red dot.

So now I have slight double vision in my left eye.

If I was to give myself an advice before the procedure I'd say:
if your eye does move, leave it where it stops. Do not keep moving it back to the red dot, as the dot is for focusing your eye only, it is not the laser. Thus leave it as steady as you can, aiming for minimal movement. Btw, confirm this with your doctor, before taking this advice.

My doctor assured me that the eye movement was tracked up to 1/10 mm and my double vision is due to dry cornea. Well, when I lubricate my eyes VERY VERY well I still have the issue, so I am still concerned about this.

By the way, 1/100 mm will sounds much better, 1/10 is a little low for an eye in my opinion.

So does anyone know if moving your eye during procedure causes complications, even if laser tracks your eyes ?[/QUOTE]

Well, I did move during the procedure and I wasn't scared at all about that cause I've been well informed about the kind of performance those machine can offer. I saw my result and the images of bottom of my eyes, it's all ok. I would say that at the worst you couldn't have a 20/20 vision acuity. Cause normal people don't have regular shape in the bottom of their eyes, it mean you can be -2.5 somewhere in the eye and +.5 somewhere else etc... Sometime my eyes get dry, I see starbursts at night, I have floaters but I end up with 20/15 (at least a good news). I need to mention that I did wavefront lasik surgery.

You know basically those machine were used to make electronic ships (it work in very small area. The tracking system is so quick that it could do a drawing on a paper will you swinging it the fastest as you can on each side, it will stop anytime the target goes out of reach and keep continue where it was at in its process at the moment the target get back inside the working area.

Did I have access to the same technology as you had? Cannot tell for sure. You could always go and see another specialist and have his opinion. I would be surprised your double vision is coming from this, it's the first time I hear something like this. Did you have custom lasik (wavefront)? Keep courage. I'm optimistic there's something to do to fix this situation. It's a great attitude you got to move on and ask to the people around about this issue, that's why I believe you will successfully fix the situation. Let's keep in touch...;)

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