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Hi there!
I've been posting in the "eye" forum for sometime because of RCE. I had PTK with PRK 8 months ago. I can relate to the eye feeling like a dirty contact. I can say that has gotten much much better. I sometimes feel it only when I've done lots of computer work, or allergies are bothering me or when I take a medication (for some other condition). Occasionally I put an eye drop in when that happens.

I am farsighted and since I was doing the PTK I went for the PRK which was just a matter of some additional seconds under the laser. I have to mention that the injury I sustained (that was the basis for the RCE) did blur my vision. I was hoping the PTK along with the PRK would at least help restore some of that vision.

Immediately after the surgery my vision was beyond great. I was amazed how well I could see close up. But that changed with time. I seemed to have my good days and not so good days. Now at 8 months, I still can't read standard print. I think this is due to the severity of the injury I had. My mid range vision is not so bad though. Some days I can read off my computer monitor and other days it is just too fuzzy. My distance vision is pretty good, I can detect a little fuzziness, but it doesn't bother me. --I don't think about it. Part of this may be due to my (other lens corrected)eye.

Even with my continued vision challenges, I have noticed that the ghosting --(which I measure by looking at the LEDs on the AV equipment across the room), definantly lessened gradually over the months. I think the PRK and/or PTK did help my vision as before the surgery I had to wear my contact and glasses just to be able to read. Now if I wear my old glasses, my vision is improved enough that I can make out the print.

I'm interested in hearing how things are going for you.


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