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Well, I had PRK (surface treatment - similar to Lasik) last week Thursday, April 10, 2008. This is my journal:

the procedure itself took less than 3 minutes per eye. When they were done they tested my vision and it seemed to be pretty good (considering I wore glasses for 40 years and had really bad a matter of fact my right eye is shot...Morning Glory Syndrom). Needless to say I was pretty happy.

I went for my follow up appointment and they said I was healing very well. I had bandage contacts put .. the procedure and they told me I would have to leave them on to protect my eyes until some time the next week. I still felt I was doing pretty well...and then the pain medication wore eyes were killing me. I had to take oral pain meds and pain drops for my eyes...along with five other drops they had me using. My eyes went from feeling like someone rubbed sand paper across them to feeling as if someone flicked acid in my eyes. I sat in a dark house on day 2 and 3 and wore sunglasses to get on the computer or watch a little TV.

I tried to go to work...that didn't work (I should not have even been allowed to drive). I left work early and went to the doc for my follow up appointment. They said I was healing great and they took off the bandage contacts. My pain has subsided to feeling like I have dirty, dry contacts in my eyes. My vision has declined and has gotten worse since they removed the bandage contacts. I went to a Tigers game today with my sunglasses and hat on...not so much pain, but I could not see the field...everyone was blurry. I could make out patches of the score board; however, I have double vision now.

I went to work. Had to increase the font size on the computer to see. I have very blurry vision and double vision. At this point I'm regretting my decision to have my eyes done. I go for a follow up in nine days. I hope to make significant progress by then.

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