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I went for my 3 month check up. Both eyes are .25 20/20 with a bit of astigmatism still in my left eye. I had custom wave front lasik back in January. At my one week checkup I was at .50 in both eyes-but could see 20/20. So my eyes are still healing and getting better... even months and months out. The doctor said he doesn't even think about "touch-ups' until 6 months out, and sometimes even further then that out. He said one thing he has learned from doing years of lasik, is that everyone heals differently and at different rates. He said my eyes can continue to get clearer as the months go by, so we won't consider a touch up if needed until we do another checkup at the end of the summer. So I guess from my experience all I can say is be patient! It seems lasik isn't the quick healing surgery we often hear it is, so don't worry if you don't see immediate results one week or one month out. My night vision continues to improve and he said it should get better as more time goes on. He also gave me a prescription for drops if I want to use them, for night driving which will keep my eyes from dilating so I won't have the starbursts as badly, until my eyes heal further.
I had my LASIK procedure on 1/18/08, so I'm almost four months out. My surgery was performed by a very experienced surgeon at a reputable location (Discover Vision Center). I was deemed an excellent candidate for LASIK and had no previous issues with my eyes - dry eye, etc. I wore glasses and not contacts prior to surgery.

Four weeks after my surgery I experienced major discomfort in my right eye. I was diagnosed with epithelial ingrowth which basically means that cells had began to form/grow under my flap. I guess this is rare for first time LASIK patients, but higher instances occur following a correction (beware!). My surgeon had to pull back my flap and "flush" out the cells. The procedure was very uncomfortable and I almost passed out. I had to take Tylenol III and use numbing drops to get through the rest of the day.

The side effects after the surgery have been much greater than I ever imagined. I recently had an appointment with another optometrist to get a second opinion on my eyes. I have consistent dry eye that require me to use between 5-7 refresh drops per day. I also have patches of dryness on my right eye that have not fully healed yet. I have started to use Genteal PM Eye ointment at night and hopefully this will heal the dry spots on the right eye. Otherwise, my eyelid will occasionally "stick" to my right eye and pull away the dry cells. Every time this happens I'm in pain pretty much the whole day.

I should also mention that I occasionally see "floaters" now which I don't recall ever happening before surgery. Having said all that, I really HATED wearing glasses and my vision post surgery is very good – better than 20/20.

Prior to surgery, I expected that recovery time would take a few weeks to get back to “normal”. I realize now it will take months or even more than a year. I know every experience is different, but anyone out there considering LASIK should be warned that complications occur and recovery time may not be short. This is major surgery and you must be mentally prepared to deal with issues/complications following the procedure.

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