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Slow Healer?
May 5, 2008
I am 1 week out of my Custom Wavefront LASIK procedure. Prior to the procedure, I was -9.0 in both eyes with no astigmatism. I have slight double vision in my left eye, and triple vision in my right eye. My Dr. examined my eyes very thouroughly this past Saturday (5 days after the surgery) and told me I still have swelling in both eyes, more in the right eye, which is affecting my vision. He gave me a more powerful steroid drop (Omnipred) to help get the sweeling down. He just tells me I am one of the few who takes a longer time to heal.

During the exam, the Dr. had me block one eye with one of those black plastic things, and had me use another black thing with pinholes in it to read the chart. I was reading 20/15 in both eyes using this device.

He just keeps reassuring me that I am a slow healer and I have swelling which is causing the double and triple vision. It makes sense to me, but has anyone experienced this and how long should I expect for this swelling to go down?

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