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I am 10 days post op, I had Custom Wavefront LASIK on both eyes. My vision is the same as the day after the surgery. In my left eye, I have slight double vision, and my right eye has triple vision.

My Dr. says that I still have some swelling and that's causing the problem and that I'm just healing very slowly.

Has anybody else out there had slow healing like this? I'm really nervous that this isn't going to change and I'm regretting getting LASIK done at this point.
Just had my 2 week follow up, still double and triple vision. Now my Dr. tells me I have retinal swelling which is causing the poor vision, and he has no idea how long it will take to heal. He said the retina does heal very slowly though. He gave me Xibrom drops to help reduce the swelling.

Has anyone heard of LASIK causing retinal swelling? It doesn't make sense to me, they are 2 completely different parts of the eye. I'm very concerned now that I may never see normal again. Glasses can't even correct what I am seeing.
Well i'm not positive, but I was reading about the retina, and I guess the pressure that is applied to the eye when they first have the vaccuum on the eye to do lasik (then things go black for a few minutes when this ring is on the eye), can cause pressure on the retina in the back of the eye. Not sure if this is fully correct, but I believe this is what I read. That might be why you have some swelling there.

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