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I've had glasses for 34 years and I'm 45 years old. I'm nearsighted with a prescription in the high -6.75 to -7.00 range. I had plenty of extra flap room when tested for thickness. I had custom Wavefront, Interlace Lasik done on Friday May 16, 2008. I'm on day three of recovery. I had a follow up appointment the day after the surgery and my vision was clear enough I could have driven myself, but one eye wasn't as sharp as the other one and they were very irritated still. The doctor looked into my eyes and said their was some swelling but it would go away. He had me read from a chart and one eye was much easier to see with. He just kept telling me to keep blinking to get the tears moving.

The doctor said the eye that wasn't bugging me was dry and the one that I feel is the most uncomfortable was fine. I've been putting in Vigamox, and Omnipred drops they gave me three times a day and the artificial tears as frequently as every 10-20 minutes when awake.

My vision in my left eye is noticeably crisper than the right eye, which seems a bit blurry. I can see, but not as clearly as with my glasses. I was nearsighted and I didn't get Monovision. I have another follow up appointment in 3 weeks. Should I be seeing them sooner than 3 weeks? I understand my vision will fluctuate but I can't watch tv for more than maybe 2 hours before I have to rest my eyes. The computer screen really makes my eyes hurt.

My eyes feel great when sleeping or when the drops are in them, but otherwise the one eye just feels like I have a contact in it thats dirty and inside out. Yesterday I could see much better from my right eye than today.

When do I panic? Is it normal for one eye to heal slower and fluctuate more than the other one? I can't imagine waiting 3 months with on and off blurry vision in one eye before someone decides if it's under corrected. I have halos at night and I expected those to last for probably 6 weeks. Things I know will correct themselves over time don't bother me, it's the uncertainty. This definitely has its highs and lows.

What are normal expectations for recovery? Some people are saying if it's not stable in a week it won't fix itself and others are saying it took months. How long does the itchy, scratchy feeling take to go away? How did you cope in the in between time while you waited to see if your vision was going to get better? What level of vision would dictate getting an Enhancement later?

I'm so happy to possibly not wear glasses. It has really given me a boost in feeling good about myself, picking out a new haircut, makeup and clothes. Seems like my whole perspective has shifted to more perky just leaving glasses behind. I feel sexier and more confident without my glasses. My eyes are brilliant blue and now are the first thing people notice, when I can manage to take my sunshades off. I'm wearing my sunshades in bright light or when I encounter glare, since their still sensitive to changes in light.
Thank you for the positive support. Today is day 5 and the right eye still bothers me far more than the left eye. I do have the suction cup bruising on both eyes still, but I know in time those will go away.

It's frustrating to see nearly perfect in one eye and have the other one seem like it's on its own agenda. I feel like I'm wearing a pair of glasses where one eye is the correct prescription and the other one is off by just a bit. It makes it much harder to compensate and focus on things. One minute some things seem reasonably normal at a distance then I shift my vision to something else and then I'm feeling out of whack again.

If I cover my left eye and read the computer screen it shows up wonderful, but when I cover the right everything is sorta blurry but I can still read it. I hope this isn't the way it will stay, because reading signs and some things is driving me buggy.

I have tried switching artificial tears to the gel version and if I only use one drop it does help with the dryness more so than the regular drops. The trick is one is thicker but if you use two drops it does make it very blurry for a minute or two.

What can anyone suggest to use to clean the eyelashes? Sometimes I feel like the drops leave a crusty or sticky feeling on my eyelashes but I can't physically see anything on my lashes. I've just been trying to wet a washcloth in warm water and dab the spots, but the top of my lids scares me to touch. I'm afraid I might disrupt something. If anyone has suggestions please let me know.

Anyone else at this point or past it where you felt one eye was clear and the other one slightly blurry? What was your experience? What point did you notice improvement?

Thanks so much for the help.

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