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Re: Does it hurt?
May 21, 2008
I had my custom wavefront, interlace Lasik done last Friday May 16th. Before they started they offered me Valium which I accepted since I was pretty scared.

The poster before gave you the best details, so I won't repeat everything. In general the people talked to me all the way through the procedure and it was over fairly quickly after they adjusted me into position.

The numbing drops do take away the feeling and sensation that you need to blink. You won't need to or be able to blink, although I do remember thinking that I "wanted" to blink.

The only discomfort I can say I experienced was one eye when they applied the suction to keep the eye from moving. It was uncomfortable enough for me to say "ouch" but it only lasted about 20-40 seconds.

The actual procedure was pain free. Your eyes will have red blotches most likely from the application of the suction. They will be red from the procedure and you will want to close them right after they finish because they will feel irritated. They give you sunshades to help with the sensitivity and you're advised to go home and take a nap. The longer the better. You will be able to see much better but things will be blurry at first.

When I woke up from my nap my eyes were dry so I put in the drops and I could see my alarm clock. I haven't seen my alarm clock in 34 years without my glasses on. My eyes were sore and I didn't want to keep them open for long. I was bored not being able to watch tv, read or use my computer so I turned on the tv and just listened. I slept as much as possible till my appointment the next day, only waking to eat, and use my drops as needed.

The appointment was for the next morning and I could have driven myself but I just didn't feel confident testing my eyes that much so quickly so my husband took me to my appointment. I had one dry eye and swelling but everything looked good so far. They scheduled me for another appointment in 3 weeks and sent me home, reminding me to use my drops on schedule and the artificial tears as often as needed. They recommend once an hour while awake but sometimes I use mine every 10-15 minutes if they feel irritated.

Don't be afraid of the surgery pain, because the worst of it will be the 24 hours afterward when your eyes are sore. I didn't experience pain during, only discomfort and irritation afterward, which is to be expected. If you have dry eyes or have had them in the past think of artificial tears as your new best friend. You'll be inseparable until things stabilize, which could take days, weeks, or months. Each person heals differently. I'm using mine very frequently but others may only need them as prescribed.

Try taking flaxseed oil, 3000 mg a day. You can find it in any health food store in tablets, or liguid. I bought the banana/strawberry smoothie version. It's supposed to help with dryness. Many people swear by it. It won't hurt to start taking it before you have the surgery.

Good luck. :angel:

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