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I had Custom LASIK 22 days ago. Prior to the surgery, I was -9.00 in both eyes. Since the day after the surgery, I have double vision in one eye, and triple vision out of the other. My Dr. is claiming that my retinas are swollen and causing the problem. He prescribed Xibrom drops for me. He said it can take months to heal.

I asked him to explain the corneal topography printout to me. He said the different colors show different elevations of my cornea. I noticed on my "better" eye, there was 1 spot just off center that showed a little elevation, and on the other eye, there were 3 or 4 random spots that were elevated. Most of the printout of the topography was a blue color, but these elevated spots were showing as yellow colors.

If I am putting 2 and 2 together, wouldn't what I'm seeing (double in one eye and triple in the other) be as a result of these elevated spots on my cornea?? If so, what does this have to do with him telling me my retinas are swollen? Will these elevated spots eventually go away or can they be corrected somehow?

I am worried that maybe something didn't go right and the surgeon is using an excuse that he knows may take some time to heal to delay telling me what is actually wrong.
I went to an Optometrist who is a friend of mine to get some input and to confirm whether my retinas are swollen or not.

He said my retinas are definitely NOT swollen, so either this swelling has gone down or my surgeon sees something he that the Optometrist is missing. I am a little concerned why my surgeon would tell me this unless he is just trying to make me really wait things out.

My optometrist buddy did very detailed tests and somehow came to the conclusion that my issue is corneal and not retinal. I am taking what he is telling me somewhat lightly simply because he is not an MD, but he also is very honest and not giving me what I feel is "Dr. Talk".

He did the pinhole test again and I am able to read 20/15 with both lines. He indicated this would confirm that my issue is corneal and not retinal. He did try to correct my vision with the device where they ask what looks better, 1 or 2, 3 or 4, etc... and he's not able to get rid of the ghosting.

He recommended I do wait some time, because he looked at the topography and did notice the high spots, he thought these spots are either swelling that would go away, or if it doesn't go away then it will just need to be enhanced by LASIK.

Again, I take what he is telling me with a grain of salt, but he was very thorough, and explained in detail how the eye works and what can result in my current vision.
Well if it makes you feel any better, I had mine done in January, and just went back for a check up 2 weeks ago, and the doctor told me my eyes might "still" improve at this time, because i'm still getting a little ghosting and my left eye appears to also still have a bit of astigmatism or elevated area on the cornea, he said it can take months for them to heal. I also had to use the pin hole thing when I went back for the first check up because my eyes were still swollen as well...but it got better. I didn't use that this last time, and could see better.
if you are really worried, I would jsut make an appt. with an opthamologist-whom isn't a buddy-and get another objective opinion. I'm going next week to a different eye doctor, jsut to get a general exam of my eyes-because A: I want an objective opinion from another doc and b:) I feel like one should have a thorough exam after lasik-and I feel I didn't get that fully at the eye clinic i'm still going to. I'm very pleased with the clinic who did my lasik, and i'm not having any major problems and can see really well, but still think it's a good idea to have things really checked out.

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