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I had my procedure done in May and I'm also nearsighted. I've had some discomfort with dry eyes but it's been manageable with the artificial tears. Each person varies concerning dry eyes. I did have a few days where the dryness was more than mildly uncomfortable and I did end up using the drops several times an hour while awake. The first few days were the hardest to get used to.

Over time I'm using the drops less frequently, but now I'm having more issues with glare and bright lights. I've found my eyes are much more sensitive to rainy, overcast days. I have to wear my sunshades, but I'm told as my eyes heal I'll get better. Expect to have a few bad days with the good for the first few months while your eyes heal. It takes approximately 3-6 months for the full effects to take place. You may have excellent vision the day after and no complications, but expect that you will have ups and downs for a bit. It's not uncommon to have one eye heal faster than another or to have some fluctuations in vision while they heal. One visit I had 20/20 in one eye and 20/15 in the other. The next visit the two eyes had switched. One eye seemed to bother me more than the other but nothing that was unreasonable. My eyes do get tired easier and computer work really bothers them still.

If you're currently needing reading glasses to see up close you will still need them after the procedure. Lasik won't compensate for the natural degeneration of your eyesight due to age. After 40 most people will need reading glasses for reading and up close work. If you get Lasik done and your eyes regress past a certain point of vision they will do an enhancement to correct your vision at no cost. Make sure you have a guarantee for enhancements for life. As I stated it won't correct normal need for reading glasses due to aging. Your vision for far away will be crisp but you'll need glasses to do things closer.

If I had to do it over again I would. I have the occasional day when my eyes are irritated or seem tired and dry. I can't describe the feeling I have when I wake up in the middle of the night and I can see everything around me clearly. It's liberating after spending 34 years wearing glasses.

If you decide to get it done do your homework and look for a reputable doctor. Don't go to any doctor that charges a fee to examine you to see if you're a candidate. A good doctor will examine you for free, and it's quite an extensive exam. They then tell you if you're a candidate or not. If you are they give you all the information and answer any questions you have. They help you with arranging financing or making an appointment to have the procedure done. Don't be scared off by the long list of things you have to sign before you get it done. It's a general disclaimer but the vast majority of people have none or few of the complications listed.

It's VITAL you follow their directions concerning the use of the antibiotics and the drops following the procedure. If you don't then expect problems. Use the drops even if you don't think you need them, they help healing and dry eyes cause blurry vision, irritation and the antibiotic drops reduce the possibility of infection. You stand more of a chance of getting an eye infection from contacts than having Lasik done.

Good luck.

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