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I just had custom PRK done on Friday. I went back to my Doctor's office on Saturday morning happy as anything. I wasn't feeling dry-eye, it was hurting but not 'oh my god this hurts!!!' sort of pain just annoying. I hadn't slept well at all, but it was to be expected, I guess.

Saturday morning, I got the cheerful news that I was doing better then expected. I had 20/30 vision with the contact in my not-yet-done-eye and the protective contact in the just-PRK'd eye! I could see fairly well and was very excited.

...Saturday evening, all of that was gone. Everything had gone foggy and illegible in my left (just-PRK'd eye). I thought it just seemed like a weird side effect or something.

Slept like heck Saturday night and Sunday (today) everything is even foggier, and my eye is swollen. Things have gone completely blurry for the most part.

I am terrified. I am going back to the doctor's tomorrow afternoon. He thinks I may have hit the contact or something and it's healing incorrectly. I don't understand how I went from such nice 20/30ish vision in the morning on Saturday to unable to see out of it Sunday afternoon. I am crying... I am scared. I don't know what is going on. My doctor, while supposed to be amazing, isn't very... consoling.

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