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Re: Hyperopic Lasik
Apr 16, 2009
[QUOTE=Norby2009;3950738]If you don't want problems with glare, night vision (halos, starburts, double vision, and eye pain don't get lasik. I regret my lasik decision every second of the day, I now need glasses that are twice as expensive as my old ones and i figure I'll be spending about $1500 a year on eye drops and prescription meds for my eye pain and dry eye. Please, I beg of you don't get lasik.[/QUOTE]

Can you give me more info on the before and after.
Re: Hyperopic Lasik
Apr 17, 2009
[QUOTE=Norby2009;3958538]dj22, Regular astigmatism is caused by a cornea that is not perfectly round but more football shaped, when lasik is performed it may give the cornea a closer to round shape but will make it more bumpy. The laser does'nt leave a perfectlt smooth surface and they also cut a flap to get to the cornea, these corneal irregularities cause irregular astigmatism. The more uneven the surface created by the laser, the bigger the visual distortion. These irregularities are what cause glare, halos, starburts, and double vision. everybody will have a bit of irregular astigmatism before lasik, lasik will make it worse and will often make the irregular astigmatism that was'nt noticeable before lasik, noticeable.[/QUOTE]
The Wavefront reading maps the entire eye for astigmatism, both regular and irregular. With the right mapping and Lasik equipment, both types of astigmatism should be correctable... in theory. However, the rub comes with how someones eye heals after Lasik. Its somewhat of a roulette wheel gamble but you can greatly stack the odds in your favor with an excellent surgeon using the latest techniques and equipment. Without ALL of these ingredients, the results are very unpredictable.

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