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i am 21 yrs old... on 12th of this month i got my epi lasik opeartion of both the eys.. however, my right eye had some problem for which it was washed again 2 days later. since then my eyesight has been improving day by day(putting eye drops as advised by doc). though i am still apprehensive whether my operation has been successful as i still find reading distant objects or small words with a great deal of struggle. n there s hazyness too. while using my computer, there s a glare tht gives me a prob.driving is also problematic as distant objects are not tht clear n neither r the sign boards. my doc says i need to keep patience as healing time post epilasik s quite slow. adding to it is the prob tht i had a high spherical as well as a high cylendrical number which makes the process even more diff. this does not assuage my doubts regarding the coreectness of my vision. i just want to knw whether it does take a good amount of time to recover. n wat is the usual time period of recovery tht is wen ll i b able to see perfectly well without hazyness n read on the blackboard etc with ease? i ve to study n this has rendered me inactive. so plz rep asap ans to my query

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