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hi everyone,
i got lasik on 7/23 (less than a week ago). my eyes pre-lasik were pretty bad... my contact lens prescription for my right eye was 6.5 and my left was 7.5

i knew and was informed that my vision would fluctuate at times. my dr. warned me that it would be somewhat blurry at times as my eyes needed time to heal. i got my lasik on weds and my vision was pretty good friday and saturday.

however, yesterday (4 days post lasik), i fell asleep for 30 minutes and when i woke up, my right eye was as blurry (or blurrier) than it was pre-lasik! this is pretty bad since i have bad eyes! though i knew my vision would fluctuate for several months, is this extreme fluctuation normal?? i immediately put drops in my eyes... and just waited. it slowly started to get a bit better. after 20 minutes, i could see again (just not as clear as before). i called my dr's office this morning... and one of his workers informed me that this is normal.

has anyone else had THIS extreme of a fluctuation??! (regressed back to vision pre-lasik for a short amt of time??)

i'm really getting scared... any thoughts/comments would be greatly appreciated! thanks!

It is such a relief to find someone who has experienced similar difficulties with double vision and blurriness after lasik eye surgery. My right eye has the difficulties like yours. I had epi-lasik surgery on 9/19/08 and my right eye has some really bad days. Has your eyes gotten better now?

Two Harbors MN

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