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hi-- i had my lasik in june and had the same problem. Sounds like you just had dry eyes. Mine would be extremely dry everytime i woke up. I would put drops in them every 10 min -- usually 3 times. It helped a lot. My eyes were so dry when waking that it was hard to open them (the bright light made it even worse). My vision fluctuated a lot in my left eye and I had "ghosting" (kind of like double vision). My doc said it was because one side of that lens was healing faster than the other and it would correct itself. Im happy to report that i have 20/15 in right eye and 20/20 in left (the one that gave me trouble). Like you I worried about everything and almost regretted having it done. Just give it time to heal and use your drops as much as you need to. My eyes are fine now and no longer need the re wetting drops. I wish you well.

It is such a relief to find someone who has experienced similar difficulties with double vision and blurriness after lasik eye surgery. My right eye has the difficulties like yours. I had epi-lasik surgery on 9/19/08 and my right eye has some really bad days. Has your eyes gotten better now?

Two Harbors MN

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