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i had lasik done on one eye and prk done 2 weeks and 3 days ago. Things are going well and 4 days ago i had a followup and everything looked good....the prk eye is still somewhat blurry, but the doctor says it is healing faster than a lot of people. I have been EXTREMELY careful with my eyes and not letting anything hit them orget inthem. yesterday morning, however, some littlefreak accident thing happened that has never happened before.... while gettin dressed, bra strap snapped in theback whilei was putting it on and the edgewhich has a tiny metal piece....(imnot sure which part hit me), but it flew around and hit me in the eye (lasik eye)..... i am pretty sure everything is fine, i tend to worry about everything and be a bit hypochondriac-like.... but would i know without a doubt if the flapmovedat all orshifted or if anything potentially bad happened.... i didnt realize too much of an affect on that eye previously such as halos and starbursts...or other abnormalities from light....all of a sudden i THINK i am affected a lil more by that with that eye..... vision is still clear....... just those it possible to not be affected much at all the first two weeks and then notice it somewhat after that.......i cant tell if its thesame as before or not.... am i just worrying too much or shouldi get itlooked at pronto? my next apptmnt isnt for almost a month...... THANK YOU in advance!

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