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Here is the scoop:

I'm 26 and I had intralase lasik surgery 9 months ago to get rid of a pair of -9 glasses. Before lasik I was blind like at bat! I had really good vision at first but now I need glasses again. My vision is now -1.50. It seems like my eyes regressed quite a bit. Have anyone here experience such regression and what are your thoughts on an enhancement? Is it worth getting an enhancement for -1.50 eyes? I'm so afraid of going through an enhancement since it is anthor surgery.

Please let me know what are your insights whether you would go for an enhancement or not if you were me. Also, for those who had an enhancement, how did it go? Any regrets?

Thanks for all you insights in advance. I really appreciate any comments out there.:)

In your case, absolutely!

-9 is quite a big correction - and my Dr told me the greater the correction, the greater the regression possible. I was somewhere around -7.75 (combo of nearsightedness and astigmatism) after the surgery I briefly had 20/15 vision (oh heaven!) which regressed within a few months to about 20/60 which didn't work for me. I had the enhancement done one eye at a time, first eye went perfect no complications, second eye I experienced blurry vision (like trying to see underwater) for a couple of weeks before it cleared up. My vision is now 20/30. Keep in mind I had my surgery ten years ago (and they are much, much better at it now!) and my astigmatism was a huge factor.

What I am trying to say is that it is not without possible complications, although not serious ones, but the benefits for me overrode the risk. With -1.5 you probably need to wear glasses or contacts - so a correction can solve that. My Dr told me that he would re-correct anything over 1 diopter.

good luck with your decision - isn't this surgery the greatest miracle? well I think so after wearing glasses from age five to age thirty five!

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