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[QUOTE=XRcise;3781964]This make me so nervous. I want to have lasik but only if I know there will not be any complications. I am very nervous when it comes to my eyes but I am so tired of wearing contacts and tired of my eyes being dry and red late at night. I will go to a doctor but I am going to listen to whatever they tell me. I might get more than one opinion but hopefully they all say the same thing so i don't get confused. I will go somewhere that is trusted too.[/QUOTE]
If you don't want complications, do not get the Lasik. Blurry vision is the last thing I thought would be the result of Lasik. It has been about 5 weeks and it is still blurry, not the "you will be so happy tomorrow" I was told. I was sad that I was one of those who had terribly blurry vision...and still do!!!! Now it appears I will be the person they don't really tell you in the consultation, the "re-do"..."we will re-do it in about 6 to 12 months" "It will get better, it's blurry from dry eyes" If you have dry eye's now, it gets worse with Lasik. That is part of the known side effects. Dry eyes and drops every 15 minutes. The Restasis drops are about $170.00. The Systane is about $12.00 and that is well worth it, they work good, use every 15 minutes. The actual procedure is not hard or painful. The chance you may not get the vision you wanted is the problem.

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