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[QUOTE=chrissie66;3753502]I have 4 days post Lasik and I am so blurry I feel seasick. Let me knw what you find out... if this is expected...I was told it will go away. It feels like it is permanent. I was told my vision wold be "so great, when you wake up you will be so happy" NOT. I feel (see) worse than pre Lasik.[/QUOTE]

I have gone to two consults and have had two totally different opinions. Lasik plus was very unorganized with my appointment. My suprize was that I did see Dr. Nancy Mize and she was very thorough and probably the best exam i ever had... no rushing whatsoever. she was concerned about me being on the high end of the spectrum with a -9.00, having some areas of thinness to my cornias and a eye exam that sugggested my vision has changed in the past 6 months. I felt she was honest in saying I am not a candidate right now but with leaving my contacts out my cornia may reshape and I may be a candidate if my vision does not change. She also examined my retinas and had minor concerns and suggested a retina exam by a specialist to be thorough. Her suggestion was possibly PRK because it works on th esurface without a flap. Later inthe day , I did get the feeling the she may not be the surgeon and just the examining MD because the Lasik coordinator spoke to her ans suggested to her i was a candidate. Not clear on how seh made that decision and felt she was more of the manager tand pushing surgery beacuse the location just opened.

Two days later ,I went to see Dean Dornic in Cary and his staff were great and very thorough. Dr Dornic on the other hand was personable but very brief and decided to do surgery before he even examined my vision. ODD in my mind! He was not concerned about the change in my vision and did not even mention it after comparing the eye exam to my glas Rx. He did look briefely at my retina's adn made no comment becides "OK" and suggested wavefront custom Lasik becuse of my thin cornias and the possibility of doing a touch-up. ( Thin cornias have that risk of not having enough tissue to do touch-up's and having the risk of going into glasses again , just with a weaker rx.)

So I'm confused and feel I need a tie breaker. Dr. Dornic seems to want to operate and was much less sensitive to complications afterwords... risks being in the consent and his opinion was i have bad eyes and the surgery will help. What do you think from you r consult(s) and who did you see?
Hey all... Just had lasik almost 2 weeks ago and wanted to put my opinion out there as well. I couldn't see more than about 2 inches in front of my face clearly before having the procedure. Now after the fact, I think my left eye is perfect. If I hold my hand over one eye and look out of the other the vision is crystal clear in my left. I have had some blurring in my right eye since day one that has not yet let up. It does get better and worse off and on throughout the day. So I'm really hoping from reading what some of you have said that as time goes on the blurring will fade. I don't think my vision is really bad in it. They tested me as at least 20/20 vision in each eye on both my 1 day and 1 week post ops. I know I can see/read with my right eye only, though sometimes I have to blink a lot to focus well enough to do so.

I did also have astigmatism so hopefully it is not a problem with that. As a whole I can see a ton better than without glasses/contacts. I'm just hoping my right eye gets a little bit better. I doubt they will ever want to redo the procedure as long as I'm seeing 20/20, and I will admit I have always been very sensitive to minor vision changes so it's probably partially just my own sensitivity. But the blurring was never normal for me before. So hopefully it's just post op dryness/eyes healing and it will go away on it's own.

But after all of that I will say I would still recommend it to anyone. Even if nothing changes about my vision I am SOOO happy I can function without glasses. The last time I could do that I was in the 2nd grade. It's awesome to wake up in the morning and be able to see the alarm clock, to get up out of bed to go to the bathroom and either have to put on glasses or stumble my way to the bathroom. Not to mention my eyes were starting to get quite irritated with contacts and I'm not sure how long I would have lasted with them into the future.

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