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Just had mine done and went with mono because you can go from there to the other, but not back. VERY happy with result. I tested 20-20 at my follow up the morning after, and went right to DMV for no-restrictions license, just 19 hours post-op. Previously had -5.50 progressives. My vision with Lasik is same as with glasses, but without the head bobbing; I can see everything at any angle. I did give up the first 10-12" from my eyes (I used to take my glasses off to see that close, now I can't). I'm 47 and work at computer all day and was back on it the morning after. No problem with computer distance. It doesn't feel at all like one eye is doing the work versus the other; you can tell if you cover one, otherwise you just feel like they are both working great at all distance.

So far, no haziness, halos, depth problems, night issues. The discomfort lasted about 3 hours and was totally tolerable (I took some tylenol), barely anything since. Considering all the warnings about it taking weeks or months for some to get their best vision, I was thrilled to be amazed when I got off the table, and feeling great/seeing normally about 6 hours later. The whole thing - walking in the door to leaving - was 65 minutes. About 12 minutes in the surgery suite.

I highly recommend it!

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