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[QUOTE=susanr53;3860665]I would be interested in hearing stories of your experience after 5 + years following your Lasik surgery.
I and 2 others I have talked to finding that we are needed prescription glasses because our vision has deteriorated. Not one of the doctors suggested an "Enhancement".
I had my Lasik to correct nearsightedness. I was told my eyes would not develop nearsightedness for the rest of my life unless I developed cateracts, glaucoma or the like. The other people I've talked to were promised the same. We are all finding our eyes deteriorating for no reason but aging. How can they make that claim but it is not true?
Has anyone else found this to be the case with their eyes after 5+ years of the surgery?[/QUOTE]

I had LASIK approximately 5 years ago. For the first three years, it was great. Nearly 20/20 in both eyes. (One eye was actually 20/15 and the other was 20/25). I had no bothersome night glares, halos, starbursts or comets.

Well, about two years ago, over six months, my vision degraded (lost half of my distance correction) and also began having major problems with halos, starbursts, but mostly comets. I'm now back into glasses and toric contacts full time. And even those do not correct my night vision very well. I had good pupil size prior to surgery, or so I was told. But now my astigmatism (mixed in one eye) and regular astigmatism in the other, has actually gotten worse than before LASIK!

I had mildly dry eyes prior to surgery, but my problems are due to some other unexplainable reason. The doctors say that it is unusual for someone to lose this much vision so long after the procedure. it is difficult to drive at night. And during the day, I have shadow effects with things that have a dark background and light lettering on them; and also any LED lights have a shadow/double image.

If I could go back in time and not have the LASIK, I would give up my house for that. I'm very disappointed in our medical system that allows opthalmologists to promote this as a safe surgery, if you are "qualified" as a candidate. I did a huge amount of research prior to having LASIK. I met with half a dozen doctors. But no one warned me that even if you have good results in the beginning, that there is no way to guarantee those results will last. Good luck.

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