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yep... i was legally blind without contacts or glasses. had my lasik done in december of '06, and now my vision is 20/12.5!
Norby, couple of questions: Was your flap cut with a microkeratome(blade) or laser(Intralase)?. Did you opt for the Wavefront which corrects for high-order aberrations?

You know, I had read that the flap never completely heals from this procedure. Still, the Intralase cuts a more precise flap which fits back in better than the blade cut. I talked to various friends who have had Lasik and no one was upset. All pretty much loved it. So, against my better judgement, I went ahead and had it done(Intralase with Wavefront). It has been less than 2 weeks but my eyes do not feel dry, actually they are much more comfortable than contacts(those really dried out my eyes). Still, they are not as moist as before. However, my vision seems to improve each day and seem more "normal" with each passing day. I have experienced blurred vision(still do at times), halos, ghosting, starbursts, dry eye...but they are all starting to disappear. Time will tell.

Just curious, where in Canada do you live?What procedures did you have? How much did the Lasik cost you? Do the doctors there seem to be concerned about your condition? What kind of Laser equipment did they use for you? (describe the procedure you went through) Thanks, Landar
I had my surgery August 15th and am now seeing 20/15.
Prior to Lasik I was a -6.00 in boths eyes with an astigmatism. I was legally blind without being corrected.
I had worn contacts lenses since 1976 and then reading glasses on top of those for about the past 5 years.
The only reason I had Lasik done was because my eyes would no longer tolerate the contact lenses.
I am happy to say as an added surprise to seeing 20/15, I haven't needed my reading glasses either.
The left eye was crystal clear 1 week after surgery, while the right eye was still blurry for distance. I was worried, but they told me not to worry and they would even out. Well, they were right. i now see the same out of each eye. The only thing that still bothers me is the night vision. Very big halos from oncoming headlights. Please don't tell my local police dept, but i find it easier to drive at night with my sunglasses on. It cuts down all the halos and yet I can still see the road.
Hope my experience helps someone who is on the fence about getting the procedure.
The best $$$ I have ever spent!
I read that 50% of those aren't or are no longer 20/20 after lasik for distance. Those who end slightly undercorrected should be happy they can see good(possibly 20/20) from near without reading glasses. Some(like me) don't even see 20/20 with glasses/contacts so it wouldn't be realistic to expect 20/20 with lasik. Also I read and speak from experience that they are very liberal in "declaring" you 20/20 to boost their bottom line. I guessed 2 letters correct with my glasses when getting a lasik evaluation and he declared me "almost 20/20"

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