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Norby, couple of questions: Was your flap cut with a microkeratome(blade) or laser(Intralase)?. Did you opt for the Wavefront which corrects for high-order aberrations?

You know, I had read that the flap never completely heals from this procedure. Still, the Intralase cuts a more precise flap which fits back in better than the blade cut. I talked to various friends who have had Lasik and no one was upset. All pretty much loved it. So, against my better judgement, I went ahead and had it done(Intralase with Wavefront). It has been less than 2 weeks but my eyes do not feel dry, actually they are much more comfortable than contacts(those really dried out my eyes). Still, they are not as moist as before. However, my vision seems to improve each day and seem more "normal" with each passing day. I have experienced blurred vision(still do at times), halos, ghosting, starbursts, dry eye...but they are all starting to disappear. Time will tell.

Just curious, where in Canada do you live?What procedures did you have? How much did the Lasik cost you? Do the doctors there seem to be concerned about your condition? What kind of Laser equipment did they use for you? (describe the procedure you went through) Thanks, Landar

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