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[QUOTE=Norby2009;3959305]Putting aside all of my visual problems, the biggest problem is pain! 24/7 eye pain since my surgery 4 1/2 months ago, this is my biggest concern, only thing the docs tell me to do is to keep using the moisture drops but they don't help. The pain is the thing that really is going to drive me nuts. I can't get any relief.

20/20 means nothing if you are in constant pain when trying to use your eyes.[/QUOTE]
If you still have that much pain after 4 1/2 months, I would be wondering if they left some kind of foreign object or debris under the flap. And I would be setting up an appointment with another specialist. I know its gonna cost you some $$, but its your only pair of eyes. I had pain for a while, on and off for the first few weeks but it is largely gone and my eyes feel pretty natural now though still plenty of halos. For a short while, the pain made me want to claw out my eyeballs! Yours that bad?
The eye drops work for a couple minutes because the fluid smoothes out the cornea (kind of like the lasik does) and then when it disappears, then the vision blurs again. This is what the doctor said to me. I am not sure it means anything about how the surgery worked on your eye.
[QUOTE=Norby2009;3961607]About 70% of the corneal nerves are severed during the lasik procedure and this corneal nerve damage is the main cause of dry eyes after LASIK. The nerves of the cornea that play a vital role in tear production are severed when the flap is cut. Supposedly they never fully recover to there pre lasik form, now that we've had lasik we will be spending hundreds of dollars on eye drops each year to keep our dry lasik eyes moist and in working order. Wish they would have told me about the severed nerves before the surgery, but then that would gave been bad business for them.[/QUOTE]

You can get the plugs put in your tear ducts which helps alot!


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