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I see fine until I get to work. as the day goes on my vision get blurry, Not sure if its the lighting or the chemical invironment I work in or maybe the computer. I had surgery 6 weeks ago and this problem doesn't seem to be getting any better with time
Well, at least you're seeing fine until you get to work. I am still not seeing fine, and it's been 5 weeks :confused:

Could you have eyes that are strained or tired from the computer?

I go in Monday for my "one month" check and I am not a happy camper.
I have terrible erosions with a lot of pain. Are you still having the pain or are you having blurred vision and no pain? All I've had so far is scraping. I was hoping to get perm. relief with PRK. It doesn't sound like this is the miracle cure I need soooo bad!!
Definitely not the miracle I hoped for either :(so I sympathize.
it may be from the computer or certian types of light or both , I'm not sure thats why I was asking if anyone else is having this type of problem
After reading these comments and many others it makes me think why anyone in their right mind would go down the LASIK route.

The whole laser eye surgery industry is not properly regulated. They make it sound like a miracle cure, gladly take your money and when things go wrong you are on your own!

I will definitely be able to get by on my contacts / Glasses after all the horror stories I've heard.

I'm so sorry for those of you who have suffered because of LASIK. it isn't right what is happening.

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