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Hi there

I'm 5.5 weeks post LASIK and I had monovision too. My eyes are still settling, and I have wildly fluctuating vision. I've been told this is due to dryness and I'm keeping my eyes well lubricated. My reading vision has been perfect from the day of surgery, but my distance vision is a problem. This is mainly because my dominant eye was also the worst eye vision-wise, and is limited in terms of possible correction. That eye (the left) had severe astigmatism, and was also extremely myopic. So the left eye is going to take longer than the right to heal, and as this is the one I need for distance, I am still struggling with that a little. Close-up reading is fantastic, but I do find I have a middle-distance blur problem - I can't see faces clearly, for example. I am also still having some difficulty seeing in poor light. Night halos for driving are not a problem now, or at leaast have decreased in severity. I'm told I have to be patient and allow about 6 months for the full healing process (and patience is not my strong point) but I had 20/20 vision (with both eyes working together) at my one month post-op check.

One thing I would concur on is that if you use monovision contact lenses prior to the surgery and you get on well with them, there's more chance of success with monovision LASIK. It's a brain function thing. I don't like having one blurry eye, but can cope if the other eye works well. Where I have the problems is when my 'stronger' eye isn't working well, and I have days when I can hardly see at all. I've had 3 days in a row when I could see perfectly (and I got excited, because I thought my eyes had stabilised - they hadn't, unfortunately). So I'm still struggling, but not in a terrible way. I can cope well enough to drive, go to work, read signs etc. But I have to say I prefer the days when my vision is sharp and clear. I'm hoping everything will settle in the next month or two, because my patience with the lack of clear distance vision is running out.

I think your dad needs to go back and see the surgeon, because it sounds like the correction on his may need to be enhanced - not that I'm any kind of expert on this.

Keep the eyes well lubricated no matter what. That's important for visual improvement.

And good luck!

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