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[QUOTE=Norby2009;3947592]To update on my situation:

I just ordered new glasses, they are costing 650 bucks, i had my lasik 4 months ago. Hopefully they will eleviate some of my problems with headaches and dizzyness. I don't think they will do much to help with the dry eyes, blurry vision and difficulty with night driving, excruciating facial pain, and visual distortion.

Unfortunately, the clinic I went to "LASIKMD" in Canada does this procedure in bulk rather than on carefully-selected patients. They now refuse to acknowledge my problems, the optometrist I saw last week told me my vision is clear and crisp after I had just told him about all of my problems. They don't listen to me and just rush me through the post-op check-ups as quickly as possible because they don't want me to cost them anymore money.

This procedure is going to cost me a heck of a lot more money then what I originally paid.[/QUOTE]
Norby, you bring up a good point for all those contemplating Lasik. You must do your homework thoroughly in choosing a surgeon. There are 'clinics' looking to make a fast buck and may not have the best interest of the patient at heart. When I was shopping, I looked at several prominent doctors in the area. Once narrowed, I had a consultation with each. They both seemed very competent and I personally knew of friends who had success at each. But the one who ended up doing the surgery had been doing it longer, had a tremendous reputation for doing it right, had done local "celebrities" and most importantly for me anyway, had a passion for Lasik (ok, maybe a passion for money too :) ) He also had Lasik done on himself and alot of his staff and other optometrists(that speaks highly right there). Also teaches the Lasik procedure to others because he has been doing it for 15 years. I will point out that still, there are no guarantees. It does, however, stack the odds more in your favor.

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