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[QUOTE=landar;3932662]I too just had Lasik one week ago. My vision is fuzzy at distance and halos and glare around lights. I just had a one week post-op visit and could see only about 20/30. It is mostly because of the halo/ghosting going on.

But, take heart. It has only been one week and my vision is improving every day. And you MUST use eye drops faithfully, at least every 2 hours. It is vital to keep the corneas moist during the healing process. I am also finding out that there are a lot of different drops available with drastically different main ingrediants. So I am experimenting with the various drops.

Give it more time. It is way too early to know what your final vision will be. Everyone heals at different rates. I was a little anxious myself because I do not yet have "perfect" vision. I am giving it time. And it may take months.[/QUOTE]
Thank you for the encouragement landar.
I wish that I was able to see improvement everyday. So far my vision is the same as the day after surgery. Obviously I have to give it time; was just hoping for more! My vision at best is 20/60 right now.
Ironically though, I am very pleased to report that I have no halos, starbursts or floaters like so many people complain of. Of that I feel very fortunate.
Once I got a new prescription in my glasses 2 days ago I at least was able to drive. That helped me get back into the swing of life again!
Positive thoughts for your recovery as well...............
[QUOTE=landar;3941333]Here is a quick update on my situation. It has now been 16 days since the Lasik operation and my eyesight is really starting to improve. My main problem has been with ghosting. Basically, I see the main image and then the same image (of less intensity) slightly shifted to one side and to the bottom of the main image. This causes the image to be fuzzy or blurry. But as I mentioned, this is starting to diminish and at times my vision is really sharp and clear. Still have my good and bad days which is understandable given how far I am into the healing process.[/QUOTE]

Glad to hear that you are continuing to improve. It's amazing the different results that people can have with this surgery.

I am at day 15 and have had a minor regression in my sight. I had my 3rd post-op visit yesterday and am still seeing around the 20/60-80 mark. My OD said that he feels pretty strongly that I'll need an enhancement but that we will wait another 3 months to determine exactly when to do that. Bummer, that falls right in the middle of summer! :dizzy: I guess I will have to miss some of my usual "summer at the lake" activities!

I'm happy to report that one of my positives is that I still am not experiencing any halos, ghosts or other side effects. A tiny bit of light sensitivity, but it certainly hasn't been a problem. Possibly after my enhancement when my vision is more crisp I might experience those effects. So hard to say.

Hope you continue to improve steadily.............

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