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I went for a consultation for lasik eye surgery a while ago, but was told because I've got astigmatism in both eyes, this wasn't a viable solution. *sigh* I was told they'd eventually (fairly soon) go back to how they were before.

I find I'm ok except I can't read specific words from a fair distance away, but I don't drive so it's not a real issue...the main thing is when playing computer and video games, I need glasses (which I have) or I feel really my head. Like a cross between I'm about to faint, throw up, get a migraine, have my eyes explode or have some kind of's quite horrible. A few times I have actually gotten migraines and/or the next day I wake up and my eyes are all red, like the capilliaries have burst from pressure.

Anyway, has anyone had any success with astigmatism? Glasses don't really suit my face. lol. (contacts are out. My eyes are too sensitive for them)

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