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You are SO EARLY in the recovery period! Hang in there! My eyes are still blurry, but SO MUCH improved over what they were at first. Not enough improvement that I don't need an enhancement, which I will probably soon do, but better. I will tell you something very frustrating, but what they told me to do. Wait for your eyes to heal. It will get better, and if it doesn't maybe enhancement would work for you too. I don't know...farsightedness is different maybe? I don't know anything about it. hang in there!

[QUOTE=LukeG;3950036]One week ago I had my lasik procedure done to correct my farsightedness (+3 in left eye, +2.5 in my right). I opted for the CustomVue Wavefront lasik with Intralase. Since the day of my surgery I've seen ZERO improvement in my vision and am getting extremely worried. I haven't been able to return to work, haven't been able to drive, can't watch tv, can't read anything without seriously straining my eyes. This has become a nightmare and I'm really regretting getting his procedure done at this point. My left eye seems to be getting worse as the days go by to the point where it has almost become useless, the blurriness is about 50% worse in my left eye than it is in the right. Even writing this right now is pretty hard to see what I'm typing. The day after my surgery I went in for a check-up which lasted all of 5 minutes, I went in and the doc asked me to read the line chart and I could barely make out the 20/40 line it was VERY blurry. The doctor gave me a card that said I had 20/40 vision and was able to drive, but I couldn't drive at all. I can't judge how far cars are, can't see any street signs, nothing. I voiced my concern about the blurriness and was told that it's normal. Is it really though? It's been a full week and each day I wake up and pray that I will at least have SOME improvement in my eyes, but nothing, my eyes are exactly the same the day I left the clinic. Is this normal healing? Shouldn't I be seeing even marginal improvement in my vision? I can't help but think somewhere along the line, something went wrong. Any advice would be appreciated.[/QUOTE]

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