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Just thought I'd post an update to my lasik surgery that was done on April 3rd.

Original prescription - nearsighted -6.0 & -4.5 with astigmatism.

At 3 weeks post-op, I was tested & found to have been overcorrected.
Left eye - +.75 with .75 astigmatism: Right eye - +.50 with 1.0 astigmatism.
At about this point, I admit I was feeling quite panicky as I had a lot of ghosting and blurriness; and near vision was so-o-o frustrating.

Today, at 7 weeks post-op, I'm happy to report:
Left eye - plano with .50 astigmatism: Right eye +.25 with .50 astigmatism.

I have now ordered replacement lenses in my old glasses, so that I can sew more comfortably. (I'm 52 and knew I'd be needing reading glasses).

I especially noticed my vision becoming very good this past week or so. Distance is still very good and I'm not experiencing any halos, glares, etc. I use tears about 4 times a day ( if I remember!!) and eyes have not been dry. I've actually noticed my eyes tear a little on their own at times, like when I'm walking in the wind - Yeah!!!

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