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You are wise to be concerned. I would advise you NOT to let your upcoming marriage rush you into getting LASIK. It could all go very smoothly and you could be seeing 20/20 soon after the procedure. Then again, it MAY not go smoothly and you might have months upon months of recovery or enhancements before seeing well.

Being in the states, I cannot recommend a specific doctor in your area. However, you sound like you are doing the right thing, asking questions and being informed. I would visit at least two of the best surgeons in the area even if you have to pay for a consultation fee. I am not saying to visit two LASIK shops. I am saying find the very BEST first, then visit them. With some simple work, you can throw out many shops straightaway. How do you find the best? One is by asking around locally. Visit several reputable optometrist in you area and ask who they would recommend(make sure they have nothing to gain). And find out who performs LASIK on the other eye doctors in your area. There is nothing more assuring than knowing knowledgeable optometrists are putting their faith in a certain surgeon(s). Look at their equipment and make sure it is state-of-the-art. A really good idea is to find a primary care optometrist who can counsel you before and after the surgery being an advocate on your behalf before the surgeon.

Concerning your squeamishness about the procedure: Imagine yourself actually having the treatment and practice holding your eyes open and still. I was a little concerned that I would not keep my eyes still and so practiced that a bit before surgery. Ask the surgeon to go through a mock run showing you the equipment and how you would be positioned. Nothing can be more upsetting than not knowing what is to come. I will not lie to you, it is a bit unnerving to enter that LASIK room, lay down on the gurney and be peering up into the LASIK machine which looks a bit like a model spacecraft complete with red blinking lights. At that point, complete faith in the surgeon is an absolute MUST. Which you should have after doing all the homework.

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