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I'm a newbie and have read various posts and currently have two issues, but for this forum I'll stick with the LASIK.

I contemplated LASIK for about 7 years. I knew ppl who had it done with no regrets. After my separation I thought, "I'm doing it." So at 37 I saw my Optemetrist for my pre-op and everything was good. Anwyay, she did say that my eyes could change in my mid 40's and that it's not b/c of LASIK, just age. But I thought, "I can handle glasses once in awhile."

Everything was great afterwards! I told everyone I wish I had done it earlier since it was about $3500.00. But I felt it was money worth spending.

So now a year later, my eyes are so dry and uncomfortable and I'm dealing with ping/pterygium issues as well.

Why was Dry Eyes never brought up as a possible side affect?? I had no idea. I was happy that the "halo" issues and night vision had been taken care of that was happening like 10 years ago.

I never even paid attention to dry eyes or knew anything about it.

Thanks for "listening".


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