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[QUOTE=Trymester;4018105]Jodie J,

I'm not necessarily a candidate (according to my own opinion), but it's not so expensive considering the benefit. Even if it only improved my vision 10%, it'd still be worth it.


Would you please share some details? How would you rate your vison before you had the procedure done?

Do you wear anything now?

When my brother had it done, he said the change was almost "instant". He only had to wait like a week to feel "normal" (i.e., better than he ever had seen).

Can your current problems be corrected by more laser surgery, or no?


No, my problems now can not be corrected by more laser surgery because my doctor says my vision upclose is not that bad and maybe the vision will change in 6 mounths, but i think it is annoying right now.

[B]When your vision is not that bad there is a chance you will end up with bad close up vision instead. I did not know that before my surgery they told me that after my surgery. [/B]

You do not want a 2 surgery because your eyes will be evan more dry and you could have other problems too (problems you did not have the first time)

After my surgery my vision was really bad in one eye and no change in the other. 5 weeks after my surgery my vision was ok. (ok was not what i wanted)

One good thing is that you would [B]probably [/B]not have any big problems with halos blurry vision and sunlight as someone else with a higher prescription. My friend had to use sunglasses infront of the TV and computer for weeks. Some people have halos around lightning years after surgery and are very sensitive to lights when driving at night.

Do you know if your brother had any problems like that?

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