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[QUOTE=Trymester;4015632]1.) My brother had Lasik eye surgery about a year ago and it was a complete success. He was the kind of person who could not see at all without his glasses. Now his vision is better than mine. My vision has become worse in the last 6 months. I've never used glasses in my life, or any kind of lenses. Supposedly I now have mild myopia and astigmatism. I can still see without glasses. Would I/Should I look into getting Lasik surgery to correct my problem even though it's very minor?

2.) Anyone here have any stories about failed Lasik procedures?

BTW, my brother went to a place in New York City that former Yankee Bernie Williams has done some promotion for.[/QUOTE]


How old are you? You never had any vision problems at all and now for 6 mounts you started to have problems?

My vision was perfect until i was about 13-14 years old. When I was 18 i had to have glasses for driving and i did not like that.
Now i know my vision was not that bad. I had lasek 6 mounts ago and i wish i never did. I have more problems with my eyes now, like red eyes (You do not want that), my vision up close is not as great as it was before the doctor says that will change in a year PROBABLY!

Do not have surgery if you do not need glasses or contacts!

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