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[QUOTE=Katerific;4017275]I had Lasik 2 weeks ago and am now 20/30 in the left eye and 20/60 in the right eye. My vision is unchanged from 1 week ago. My doctor said that my left eye is undercorrected and will not likely get a lot better without another surgery. I keep reading online that people say to be patient, that it will get better. Maybe they didn't have so far to go in getting better. Has anyone else ended up 20/20 after being 20/60 2 weeks post op? How much improvement can one expect after 2 weeks?[/QUOTE]

My 1 week post op was at 20/80 left and 20/40 right. My left eye was worse because my contact fell off(PRK patient) and it hurt so much I used too much of those numbing drops which caused a lot of haze. At my 1 month post op my left eye was at 20/25 and right 20/20, I'm just waiting for my left eye to catch up because even though the difference isn't too much its still messing up my vision a bit at close up but looking at objects far away is very good.

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