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Figured I'd share my experience and results with you guys. I am in the US Air Force and just got my bladeless Intralase Lasik done on June 29th. It's quite the experience. The base I got it done at was the first AFB to use the Intralase and I was the first group to get it. All the Reps for the company were there during the surgery and the follow up the next day which was a great feeling.

After the numbness wore off after the surgery, there was a good amount of pain for about 3 hours. I took about a hour nap and they felt fine pain wise. I stayed in a dark room with my goggles on all day. Day 2 I had my check up was 20/30 in one eye (which had a lot of astigmatism) and 25/20 again with a good amount of astigmatism. Day 2 was pain free and I'm into day 3 with no pain just slight irritation. I use my steroid drops, anti-botic drops, and lubricant drops as directed. Still have starbursts with a little haze but can see well enough to play 2 baseball games on my PS3 on day 2 and watch tv (46 inch) I have a check up tomorrow morning and will let you folks know how it goes.

Feel free to ask any questions you have!
I had my follow up (3 day) today. Eyes are doing well. I forgot to ask what they were but they are slowly getting better. Absolutely no pain. My biggest issues is with starbursts and some haze but that should wear off in time.

My only downfall is some of my astigmatism may or will come back. I will keep you all posted!

Again, feel free to ask any questions.

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