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TEARS, TEARS, TEARS!!!! Use those artificial tears whether you think you need them or not!!! Most of the time, if you're experiencing bad results after Lasik, it's because your eyes are dry. They might not feel dry, but chances are, they're very dry, which causes blurriness and pain!

I had Lasik in December of '06. My vision was horrible pre-lasik, great right after lasik, until about a week after lasik. Then, for almost three months after Lasik, my vision was very blurry in my left eye. My right eye was 20/20, but my left was bad! At one of my post op appointments, I was told that my eyes were very dry, especially in my left eye. I started using tears like crazy, and my vision improved immensely over the next few months after that, and my vision is now 20/12.5 in both eyes!

Being on the computer a lot can really hinder the healing process. Doing things that require a lot of close up work can really hinder the healing process. During the week following my surgery, I was working on some major sewing projects. I was working all day long, working very detailed and close up, and working late in to the night (2-3 in the morning). After about a week of working like that, is when my left eye started getting blurry.

Anyway, I know it sucks right now, but hang in there! I was right there where you are. I thought Lasik was the biggest mistake of my life! I was depressed, I thought the doctor was just humoring me and didn't give a crap because he already had my money, I thought I'd be stuck having to redo it.... all the stuff others have said on here.

BUT it's been the absolute best thing I've ever done for myself! This summer I got into a pool with my kids and could go underwater and for the first time in about 20 years, I opened my eyes underwater and I could see!!! It was so awesome!!! Hang in there, people! It does get better, I promise!!! :)

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