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I has lasik a week ago on one eye with the "custom cornea" wavefront all laser method from a reputable local surgeon who repeatedly assured me that side effects should be minimal. Why only one eye? Because I had RK 20+ years ago in the other eye and still have starbursts from the incisions to this date. I was VERY hesitant to try again, but relented after my spouse, who had somewhat similar eyes, but with a lesser prescription, had the same procedure about 4 years ago.

I was 20/400 in the lasik eye as opposed to her 20/200 or so.

Despite all the reassurances and more, I have rather pronounced starbursts. Intellectually, I realize it has only been a week, but internally I am really starting to panic. They keep telling me to give it time (1-3 months), but my gut is telling me I am screwed. My wife says she too had them, but they faded after 1-2 months. I can't help but think I'll never be so lucky.

I am curious as to others' experiences with starbursts and how long, if at all, they faded or better still went away. Don't have any other symptoms--no dry eyes or ghosting, etc. Just starbursts and slight haloing.

Any input/experience?

Thanks in advance.

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