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Looks like this thread has not been active for several months now, but I am curious if you have any updates to report. As Zak said, it is good to hear some positive encouragement. I tell you, some days I wish I had paid more attention to the horror stories before my surgery, and decided NOT to do it. But I had been thinking about it for years, so if not now, I probably would have eventually done it anyway.

I am now 6 weeks post custom (wavefront) IntraLasik (all-laser). Had my 6 week follow up the other day. Results: 20/20 in right eye, 20/15 in left. No flap complications, infections, or anything like that. As of now I do test as having 0.5 astigmatism in my right eye. This is dissapointing, since I did not have astigmatism in that eye prior to surgery. I read one source that says it is possible this can improve during the healing process, but have not seen any other information or real accounts of this. Do any of you know anything about this?

Vision side effects I have are increased floaters (worse in R eye), glare/starbursts/halos (day and night - but worse at night), and lesser ability to focus (at any distance) with the R eye. The floaters I am getting used to, and now I know the trouble focusing in the R eye is due to the astigmatism. What brings me to this discussion board, if you haven't guessed, are the glare/starburst issues. I may have noticed a slight improvement since surgery, but very slight. I have read, in threads like this, that this can take a long time to heal - so I'm trying to keep that in mind. But last night I watched a movie at home and was noticing a lot of glare - like the edges of the screen bleed over. Even with all of the lights on in the room, this became very discouraging for me. Did any of you see this kind of symptom subside?

There are a couple positive improvements I have noticed in the past couple weeks. I was getting eye strain (in the R eye) and headaches from trying to adjust to the new vision. Previous to lasik, my R eye was dominant and had better vision (because there was no astigmatism in that eye). Now, the quality of vision has flip flopped. I still feel my eyes get tired, but the headaches have subsided. The other thing is contrast at night. Prior to surgery I had excellent corrected vision in the dark. The first couple weeks after lasik I was freaking out because there was a sharp decrease in vision in low light. But this has gotten noticebly better - not up to pre-lasik corrected levels - but hopefully it will continue to improve.

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