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[QUOTE=Kelzbelz;4038688]I had Lasik done and my only real issues are so halos and starbursts at night, not as bad as it sounds for Anyman though, and some blurriness with indoor lighting.

I did not have any issue keeping my eye steady - at least not that I know of! I just kept staring at the blinking light and the surgeon didn't say I had any issues.

For me the surgery itself was very fast and easy - it's dealing with the recovery time and getting used to the changes to my eyes that is the hardest.[/QUOTE]

So how can you be happy with that, you have halos and starburst at night, something you didn't have prior to surgery, you have blurry hazy indoor vision, something you didn't have prior surgery. So how is that ok? It's ok if it doesn't bother you, i guess everyone is different, but these sideffects can really bother some. I hate indoor blurrines, it feels like I need a glasses, I have to turn on strong lights now, before i didn't pay attention and nothing didn't bother me, well before my cornea was normal, now it ain't. Are there at all people with crisp vision after lasik in all lightning conditions?

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