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I really like these forums. They've been helpful in informing me about laser eye surgery.

I have decided to do Epi-Lasik on July 30th. I didn't want to do traditional lasik because of the risk of flap complications. The surgeon simply said I'm a good candidate for either one. But the way he described what he'd do it sounded more like PRK to me.

I am extremely worried that things could go wrong with this surgery, but I've decided to do it with the hope it will work. I've worn soft toric contact lenses for as long as I can remember, and they never really bothered me, save for the occasional dry eye and associated discomfort. I hate glasses but use them when necessary. The only reason I'm doing the surgery is for independence. Although contacts have always worked great for me, they leave me dependent on them. If I'm ever out somewhere and don't have contact solution, etc. . . big problem.

I don't know what my "20/xxx" vision is, only that doctors have told me I'm pretty much blind without glasses. (I have trouble with the "E" on the eye chart without contacts/glasses.) Astigmatism is my main problem. My right eye prescription is -1.25D, -1.75x100 cyl and my left eye prescription is -2.50D, -1.25x60 cyl.

For those of you who have had bad experiences with Lasik, PRK, etc, can you still function in life? What I mean is, can glasses or contacts correct that damage that Lasik/PRK caused, or are you left essentially helpless? Were you able to maintain the job you had before Lasik/PRK or were you forced to quit? I spend 90% of my life in front of a computer, book, or television. I don't know what I'd do if I lost the ability to enjoy these activities (I know I couldn't work!).[/QUOTE]

I had LASIK approximately six years ago. Immediately, post surgery, I had very minimal halos and starbursts at night. I did notice that bright lights and fluorescent lights bothered me for awhile. I had a lot of astigmatism prior to LASIK. I was assured by five separate opthalmologists that I was a good candidate for LASIK due to my pupil size, lack of problem with distance vision and astigmatism. I was told by each of them that I would achieve 20/20 vision. I warn anyone out there that 20/20 vision does not include driving vision at night.

My problem is somewhat atypical. I had good vision for three years post lasik. But suddenly, over six months, I noticed my night vision degrading. I began to experience a ton of halos, comets, etc. when driving. Now I have been told my astigmatism is actually WORSE than it was before LASIK. And I have now lost 50% of my distance vision correction. So I'm back in to wearing glasses and contacts full time. The problem is that my night vision is terrible. For awhile, I felt unsafe to drive at night. It's difficult to explain, but the taillights of cars from oncoming traffic on the highway all overlap with the taillights of cars directly ahead of me. So unless I stare or squint, I have terrible depth perception. Glasses no longer correct my vision at night very well. And contacts do only slightly better at correcting the new degradation in my vision. I have mildly dry eyes and use eye drops every day; but that does not fix my problem. I can see to function well during the day. The glare from LED lights is bothersome; but I can function. (I do graphic design and marketing, so vision is important). But my vision at night has been seriously impacted. So I warn anyone with astigmatism to think twice about LASIK. From what I have been reading lately, it causes more problems than it can fix. And, as in my case, the problems can insidiously surface many years post LASIK. Good luck with your decision.

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