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Thanks for your input DaEsse and NewEyes!
I'm about 3 weeks post-op and my vision is steadily improving day to day. I work in a greenhouse filled with orchids so I dont need to use my lubricating drops as much during the day. However, I do use them once or twice every few hours at home... it all really depends on how dry it is outside.

My right eye has better vision in the morning, left eye better in the late afternoon and at night. I'm still very cautious when driving at night... especially here in Santa Barbara where there are tons of bikers and skaters on the cross streets.

It's really good to know that your vision is still improving after week 6! I just cant wait to get back into the ocean and start surfing and swimming again.

I'm taking the following:
1. 1x/day NatureMade Multi Complete vitamin
2. 3-4tbsp ground flax-seed w/ morning meal... in cereal/oatmeal/yogurt
3. Lubricating drops. Systane at home and Genteal gel-drops at work.
4. FML Solution if my eyes become really irritated.

DaEsse, I had a really tough time with anxiety and depression during week 1 and into week 2. One day, my left eye was so red and itchy when I woke up that it just released all that negative energy and I broke down and had a full-on anxiety attack. After some eye drops and a little rest I realized how silly it is to think negatively... being stressed is just hindering your healing process. I know this may seem really, really, really, hard... but you have to take your mind off of your eyes. Your body would much rather be feeling like this :round: instead of this :eek: :dizzy:

Good luck! and remember... dont stress!!!

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