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I had intralase LASIK 7 days ago and it did not live up to the painfree experience that is widely advertized.I was pretty relaxed going into the laser suite(no valium), the nurse put the drops in and I was left there for 20 minutes , no idea what they were doing during this time.
Anyway I had the intralase on the right eye, when the suction was applied it was on the point of being painful but bearable but when they did the left eye, they lost suction 3 times and only managed to complete the flap production on the 4th attempt. Each time they applied the suction the pain was getting worse and I was glad to get it over with.The rest of the procedure was pain free. The nurse said afterwards that the suction loss normally happened once a day and I was the unlucky one.After I returned home, I tried to sleep but the pain was so bad I didnt know what to do with myself. The left eye looked really bruised and battered.
On the positive side the results do far are good apart from mild dlk in both eyes which they are going to recheck in 3 days.What worries me slightly is that I think the flap on the left eye was partialy formed each time before the suction was lost and I wonder if there may be any irregularities in the final flap which may cause problems later.has anyone else had this suction loss problem?

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