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I had lasik surgery 3 weeks ago. I was told that I could have side effects for the first few days after surgery, but I had a dream recovery period for 2 weeks with no side effects. Then two weeks after surgery I developed an intense sensitivity to light. Ten days later it seems to be getting worse. I even have to wear sunglasses indoors. Can anyone tell me if this is temporary? And if anything can help to alleviate the problem? I am having trouble functioning normally and can't really work. Thank you.[/QUOTE]
I had the same - dream recovery but when I stopped the predisone eye drops-per the drs schedule - light sensitivity hit me hard...I noticed after using the preservative eye drop for when my eyes got dry - it got worse so I changed the type of preservative free eyedrops. I was using refresh plus and when I switched to systane within 24 hours it stopped in it's tracks. Their main ingredient is different so I was sensitive to it. You may be sensitive to one or the other - so I would try switching to another brand of preservative free eye drops. I do not work for any eye drop company - I just really wanted to share something that worked for me very quickly to solve light sensitivity - it was painful to drive, look at a computer, phone and TV - even with Mau Jim polarized curved sunglasses on! Now I can look at anything -tv, computer, phone, work under fluorescent light including driving at noon - the very next day after switching drops.

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