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Went for my post op exam at 9:30am today. Dr. says I am reading at 20/20 less than 24 hours after surgery. Considering my vision was worse than 20/400 (unmeasurable on a 20/20 scale) - I am happy so far with the results.

I have been reading the horror recovery stories. I am just hoping I got "lucky". I did the surgery on 11/6/09 at a LasikPlus facility in NJ. I had intralace with custom wavefront lasik on both eyes.

Been taking the following meds as instructed:
Artifical preservative free tears

Been lubricating often...about twice an hour. I have my next appointment for 11/20. I do have the "hickies" on the top white portion of my eyes but you cant see them unless you look under the lids. During the first part of the surgery, when the flap is being made, the pressure on my left eye was significantly more then the right. I was thinking in my head is this normal? I think my eye is going to pop out, so I said - this is a little too much pressure. The Dr. apologized and continued to count down from 10. My eye is still in my head so I take it he knew what he was doing. I did not take any valium. I was only offered tylenol PM for after the surgery to fall asleep.

Right after the surgery I could tell the surgery worked. I felt like I had my contacts on but i was under water. I am amazed at how clear I can see and how quickly it worked. The cost was 2800 USD for both eyes with lifetime touchups for free.

After the numbness wore offm the "pain" was annoying. I wouldn't really clasify it as pain. It was irratating and I could not stop crying because my eyes thought there was something foreign in my eyes. I blocked every inch of light from coming into the room and made myself fall asleep. I woke up and everything was fine. I am directed to wear these sunglasses indoors and outdoors for 48 hours and then just outdoors for 7 days after.

Do you think my vision will decrease since I am starting off good? Anyone else who could see right after please let me know what to expect next.

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